I personally believe Brides and Grooms should be very well briefed when it comes to something as important as the photography and the photographer on their wedding day, so I have produced the following material that I very much hope will help couples to make an informed decision when selecting their wedding photographer.



This is a great time to make a connection, which is very important as I will be with you a long time on  your wedding day so it is important to me that you feel relaxed and comfortable in my presence.

I like to take time to get to know my brides and grooms, their interests, personalities and expectations. Ensuring a couple are happy and comfortable with me is of prime importance to me.

Getting to know a little about couples and their expectations is essential I feel – my first question will usually be”How did you first meet”. Knowning about my clients as a couple; are they reserved, outgoing, accentric, their interests and history really does help me to create their unique, visual story. It also provides insight into how to approach them. One couple couldn’t help but speak to me over the phone almost every 8 weeks or so to keep me abreast of their planning leading up to their special day, the surprises and unique touches they had instore – such a privilege for me, I love weddings so much and especially creating beautiful images!

I place high importance on a bride understanding what she wants, so I will usually find out about her style preferences so I know if we are on the same page. I can easily do this by asking her what drew her to my photography, which are her favourite images and why.

Knowing how many guests are anticipated helps me to get a feel for what type of wedding a bride is planning. If it is a large wedding there will be more distractions, so having this information allows me to prepare for each wedding individually. It also tells me a little about the style of wedding a bride is planning.





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