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All of the weddings that I am privileged to be part of stay well and truly planted in my heart, but it is fair to say that every so often one stands out more so; this is true of Laura and Brendan’s wedding day.
I loved everything about their wedding day, their attention to detail was impeccable, not only to the ‘Look and the Feel’ of their day but how they conveyed their love and connection with those important in their life on the day.
Laura’s favourite colour is yellow, for which she wore a stunning, pale yellow dress for their LOVE SHOOT that we carried out  in front of the majestic Belvoir Castle, in the Vale of Belvoir, Leicestershire.
I bought her a bouquet of Lavender flowers to hold throughout the shoot, which complimented her dress very well but also placed a lovely smile on her face, which warms my heart and helps towards settling any pre-shoot nerves!
Laura and Brendan were delightful for their sense of adventure and willingness to put in the effort for the sake of creating a delightful image that they would value for a lifetime. I got a sense of this on their LOVE SHOOT with them gallantly strode across a corn field for me, but it was not until their wedding day when, after driving them to their photo shoot location with Belvoir Castle close by, that they were excited about posing on a bale of hay as see in the image above. I can tell you, their shoes were extremely mudded-up after this shot, but it was well worth it, as this is one of their most favourite of my captures for them.
I couldn’t believe the state of my mats in my car when, at the end of the day, I was emptying it of my photography kit! Thank goodness I always have wet wipes and towels in my car alongside a bag of very popular jelly sweets, favoured by children and adults alike, muffins and other treats for couples – you never know when they may get peckish [it’s a long day for a couple to go without food from early morning to their wedding breakfast]! These come as standard as part of my wedding day coverage.
I am spoilt for choice as to which image from their wedding day is my favourite capture, so I bring you my first choice for now from their wedding day.
I captured this image on one of my most favourite lenses, the 70-200mm f2.8, a wedding industry standard. This lens allows me to pull the background forward which makes for a far better feel to an image as opposed to capturing it through a wide angle lens. 



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