♥ Christine & Benn – Solihul


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Christine & Benn’s wedding.

The weather was wonderfully sunny all day with the air filled with such warmth – a complete change of late. At midday when we arrived in good time at Christine’s house her father was at the door with a welcoming smile.  Christine’s hair was already fixed and she was adorning her veil with excitement. After meeting mum and the rest of Christine’s family we dropped our camera kit out of everyone’s way in the dining room and proceeded to make some nice images for the Bride and Groom.

I placed Christine’s perfume close to the electric violin so it would be in this shot as she advised me, after I had asked her if she played it, that it was a gift for Benn and that he may take lessons sometime soon.


I was admiring Christine’s necklace when she stepped back into the room…she told me that it was her Grandmother’s necklace and so she had hunted high and low to find some matching earings and bracelets to compliment it.  Later that day at the reception I ask Christine’s mother if the necklace was, infact her mother’s, to which she told me it was her father that had given it to her mother on their wedding day. I am glad I made sure I got the shot for Christine.


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