engagement portrait shoot for Becky and Ben who chose St. Peters Church, Saltfleetby, Lincolnshire for their Wedding Ceremony, then onto the delightful Kenwick-Park Hotel for their Wedding reception. I first met Becky and Ben when I was asked to make some images of the Singing Octete named ‘LadyLuck’ that Becky and her mother Jane are part of, through a contact at my place of work.

We went through the order of the day over a cup of coffee at Kenwick-Park Hotel first then perused the building and its lovely grounds, discussing locations for images on their special day. Like, Becky, I found the ambience of the hotel to be that of a friendly stately home.

Having been blessed with a full week of warm sunny weather, the sun chose to hide away today and the wind was cold – a real shame as I would have liked to have taken a few images of them in the wonderful grounds overlooking the golf course. Wisely, we retreated to Becky’s parents, Jane and Chris’s, house just up the road with its surrounding trees to protect us!

Ben and Becky met through Ben’s sister, but what makes it an even smaller world is that Ben used to live in Becky’s parents house before he met her!  In one of the images you will see a quirky tower. The story goes that Saltfleetby’s squire lived in the house, that dates back to 1895, and through needing to keep a watchful eye on his workforce in neighbouring fields, he commissioned the build of the tower – his Folly!

Ben and Becky are a loving couple, I am so pleased that they have asked me to be their wedding photographer.

Here are just a very small handful of images from their pre-wedding shoot.

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