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Ballet Photo Shoot Wollaton Hall


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I was looking for a model that looked elegant, had style, a stunning look, strongish bone structure, with short hair ideally and that connected with the camera – short hair so as not to detract from the simplistic look I was after. I was really lucky to find Ieva Dubova quite quickly. She is striking and all the elements I was looking for, I just hoped she liked my work and the idea of the shoot – she did! On the day, when we met, her hair had grown a little, so we decided to go with a classical, bun on the head look.


I also needed a good MUA and to my pleasure I was contacted by a UK award winning MUA named Rochelle O’Brien who’s work is lovely, and who loved my work and wanted to get involved – what luck!

Jo of Cooper & Taylor Hair Academy at Nottingham, who has been collaborating with me since last year when I first started photo shoots was up for the shoot too – she is a Godsend, she is always willing and an absolute dream. I love her to bits.

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The final stages of organising this shoot was to find more inspiration for the style of shoot I was after, find a stunning venue in keeping with the shoot, then create and communicate my brief. Within a short period of time, after looking at a few wedding photographers galleries I found a wedding image that had been created in the opulent and dramatic Prospect Room in Wollaton Hall, Nottingham – a photographer’s dream in terms of rich, natural light afforded by the rooms generous windows.

Thank you to the following people:

Hair by Jo of Cooper & Taylor or Nottingham
Make up by Rochelle O’Brien of Melton Mowbray
Model: Ieva Dubova
Wardrobe by Gina Dover-Jaques
Photography by Gina Dover-Jaques
Joined and assisted by Lindsey Jensch
Tiara’s courtesy of the Bride and Groom Boutique of Melton Mowbray
Carol Blackwell, Hilary and staff at Wollaton Hall for being so helpful and accommodating
Point shoes courtesy of Melanie and Lucy Roper
Ballet Photo Shoot Wollaton Hall 23 logo montage off scene

Our stunning model Ieva Dubova

Despite Ieva having very short hair, Jo worked her magic by adding a bun and a weave of real hair to create a classical look.

Ballet Photo Shoot Wollaton Hall 24 logo montage off scene

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