What a Stunning Wedding Connection!


Tel. +44 (0) 7572 179190



I had a lovely drive in the warm sun over to Nottingham today to meet up, for the first time, with Valerie, a PROFESSIONAL WEDDING PLANNER and owner of BENESSAMY EVENTS

Over a tasty coffee we discussed how we help couples achieve their perfect wedding day. During our chat, I soon became to realise that Valerie is just as lovely and switched on as her website and media pages convey – that is what drew me to connect with her in the first place, and after this morning’s meeting with Valerie, I can see why lots of couples do too!

Some connections you just know or at lease sense will be mutually beneficial but also a joy. I love what I do and it is evident that Valerie does too, so when you meet with someone that you feel you have synergy with, it really is so very exciting and makes your heart glow.

I’m working in association with Honesty Media Videography for which we plan to produce a SHOW REEL video of our best work in a BRIDAL SHOOT possibly at WOLLATON HALL or COOMBE ABBEY in the summer. We will then present ourselves with the show reel at Earl’s Court Bridal Show in September. Valerie, from BENESSAMY will pop along to the shoot to say “hi” too, so watch this space for when that shoot will be and if you are in the area, pop along and say “hi” too.

Have a fab weekend.

Gina x

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