forget me not – adorable wedding notebook & planner

forget me not!

Wardrobe of Oakham - Forget Me Not (1 of 1)

I could never ever, ever, EVER forget any of my photographic appointments – why would I – I adore what I do, but I couldn’t resist this appealing ‘forget me not’ notebook from WARDROBE on Gaol Street whilst spending a delightful couple of hours shopping in Oakham this morning!

I adore the colour scheme, the little compartments whereby I can place more notes and referencing, notes and nice thoughts on the delectable pages thererin!

Infact, this would be a lovely gift/purchase for any bride – she could place colour swatches, photos showcasing theme ideas for her and her groom-to-be’s special day, receipts, gift ideas, and much, much more. Perhaps a stunning and certainly more tachtile planner than a spreadsheet!

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