Why Wedding & Portrait Photography Gina?

Why are you in the industry of Wedding & Portrait Photography?

I first fell in love with photography 20 years ago but it was not until more recently that I persued it on a serious and professional level. Pretty much all my life I have expressed myself through art whether it be through the medium of painting or photography. I am continually driven to improve and know everything photography. The journey over the past few years has been incredibly exhilarating and full of surprises.

It is a wonderous thing to be able to create beautiful images for people and to hear a client in tears of joy when they call to thank me for what I have done for them – it makes me truly happy inside. It is such a privilege to be part of a couple’s WEDDING DAY that is filled to the brim with love, emotion, happiness and so many lovely stunning, artistic, things – I have to pinch myself sometimes. I most certainly will carry a tear of joy in my eye at some point during a wedding day I cover – I love everything about such a day.

I am passionate about photography and people – my camera is by my side each and every day. I create images for myself too and being a mother I can’t help but capture my wonderful son regularly. Creating art is who I am.

Being part of a bride & groom’s special day, or photographing a newborn child or on a family portrait shoot is not like work to me because I love what I do.

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What does Wedding & Portrait Photography mean to you?

Quietly capturing the real moments as they unfold. I create images that tell the story of a bride and groom’s wedding day. But, it is not just about creating images that my clients will want to keep looking at over and over again, it is about supporting them leading up to their special day, providing them with my knowledge and helping a bride and groom find their way easily to their dream wedding day. Giving them the best of me and my business through high quality images, products and professional approach, whilst remaining approachable and warm.

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What makes you, you?

My inspiration is my father who was a great photographer who worked fantastically with film and dedication. As a child I was always surrounded by his photographs and would spend hours looking through my parents wedding album which I, still feel to this day, is the most wonderful thing to see.

Photography, for me, is about finding great light and emotion as this breathes such LIFE into an image. Before photography, I was an artist like my mother’s mother. I surrounded myself in art and would paint and sketch continuously becoming more and more able to understand how to create beauty through great light. I am proud of my work and continually push for perfection.

Laura Brendan Love Shoot (10 of 20)

What sets you apart from other photographers in your area?

‘Seeing creatively comes as naturally as breathing to me’. That I continually strive for perfection and to exceed my clients expectations always, that I am in love with what I do and because of this, there are no boundaries, no time limits…it’s about creating a gift for someone – pure and simple!

I hope to make brides feel very special and look their most beautiful so I am very attentive to creating high quality images through my artistic eye, and industry standard top of the range kit. I go to great lengths, when post processing my images, to ensure my brides/client look stunning.

djP - Miriam Rodriguez Victorian Affair (1 of 1)


Tel. 07572 179190

Email – doverjaquesphotography@hotmail.co.uk

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