Katie & Mark Wedding @ Launde Abbey

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I am so very lucky – I just had to write about this….

I met up with Katie and Mark a couple of weekend’s ago, we had arranged to meet at Launde Abbey, where they plan to hold their wedding reception on 15 June next year. I loved listening to their story after asking them “why Launde Abbey” and then discussing their photographic needs. Just once in a while I meet with a couple who really do appreciate photography and what they are after, Katie and Mark are one of those couples. It was not just that they knew they are after a relaxed journalist approach, it’s that they went into specifics about image artistry, black & white aswell as colour, whom to capture and their character, who was coming from afar and their relationship with them. I LOVE stories behind a wedding, it helps me so much to know how to tell a bride and groom’s story on their special day, not to mention, I get a real sense of connection with all there on the day.

They are a stunning couple both inside and outside and within minutes of asking them what they hoped for in their wedding photography and their day, I just knew I really wanted to be their wedding photographer.

Katie and Mark originate from Leicestershire and both work in London. Mark is a sports photographer who loves Rugby and Katie is an architect. They found Launde after researching Marquees as their original plan was to hold their special day in a field in a Marquee!

I fell in love with Launde Abbey after covering my first wedding their earlier this year for Michaela and Matt, click HERE to go to my post on them, and so receiving confirmation shortly after connecting with Katie and Mark for me to cover their wedding makes me so very happy indeed.

Thank you Katie and Mark for a lovely morning at Launde Abbey over a delightful cuppa. I can’t wait to connect with you again, especially in the Spring for your pre-wedding shoot – don’t forget both sets of clothes as discussed to depict your characters!


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