Chrissy & Will Pre-Wedding Shoot @ Brooksby Hall

I am super excited to have been asked by my dear colleague Chrissy and her fiancé Will to cover their wedding on 15 September at Twycross Zoo. Chrissy and Will are animal lovers, so how fitting that they have chosen a venue for their day that will be filled with animal fun and that they will be, indirectly, supporting Zoo conservation around the globe as Twcross donate to this cause from all the weddings they hold.

I had been considering ideas for a few weeks in readiness for their pre wedding shoot, and so am very pleased that they trusted me with something a little new a ‘retro, vintage themed shoot’!

Armed with a few delightful props that I had purchased for their shoot I got to Brooksby Hall, near Melton Mowbray early in readiness to create their themed delight, with 50s music to boot.

I fail to find the words that could truly express what I feel in being entrusted by Chrissy and Will to cover their wedding day photography. When covering a couple’s photography you get to experience a piece of their character and life and for me that is, both, magical and a previlage, especially when it is a couple like Chrissy and Will, who are beautiful on the inside aswell as the outside!

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This is one of my favourates and I would like to emulate this on Chrissy & Will’s special day

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Here are some lovely sites that I have utilised for inspiration –

6 thoughts on “Chrissy & Will Pre-Wedding Shoot @ Brooksby Hall

  1. Beautiful pictures Gina I love them! Already excited for the Wedding ones, I’m sure they will be just as fabulous! X

  2. Gina, well done again. I think these are fantastic pictures. The light and atmosphere is amazing. I like the fact you were a bit more conservative with post processing. The pictures looks very modern, fresh and contemporary.

    Cheers, Milan

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