Vera Wang Wedding Dresses – Red!

Hi to all brides and women out there, would you wear a red wedding gown – I so would if I were a young beautiful, slim bride once more!

I’m alluding to Vera Wang’s Spring 2013 collection … she is doing monochrome again but this time in a luscious and provocative red.  According to ‘FASHIONOLOGUE’ the collection is titled “Mei Meng”  — Chinese for “beautiful dreams” and that, perhaps it’s all about the Chinese market. I tend to believe it could be anyones market … white/cream is stunning and such a lovely clean palette, but for me, at the end of the day, being in one colour only (monochrome) and of a stunning design, I believe anything goes and should go. We are in the 21 century for goodness sake … let the boundaries be pushed!

I could eventually see an Asian twist on this, afterall the Asian brides wear stunning rich coloured bridal gowns and shine!

Click HERE to see more information and feel free to drop me a line with your thoughts – Vera Wang we love you… x!

This image is not mine – I am not the photographer….it is my favourate dress.

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