Do me a favour!

Wow! I’ve just come back from a wedding fayre at the delightful Scalford Hall, where I covered a Winter Military Wedding last year and spotted a most colourful and delicious looking stand by Sandy’s Candy’s. I just had to rush home, leave the ironing ’til later, enhance the images I captured and share with all you brides and grooms out there!

Aminara and Sandy were so lovely to chat with, such natural but professional ladies. You can find a few images I captured for them below. I will be reaching out to them soon to see if they would like any support from me by way of product shots to bring their products to life on the world wide web and marketing material they have and to recommend them to future brides, as I like the look of their business and them as business women.

Come back soon as I plan to keep an eye on these two – they are going to bring such great delights to your wedding table/parties!

Click on an image to enlarge it and see it in its true glory!

 The image to the left of the collective above was taken this morning at Scalford Hall – this was part of Sandy’s Candy’s table display. The image to the right was what I quickly created I returned home – I placed the candys in a cocktail glass. With a less cluttered background the product was able to truly shine!

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