My Wedding Albums

Hi to all my brides & grooms and congratulations to anyone that got engaged over the Festive Holidays!

Thought I would showcase some information for you on wedding albums – the best in the world from QUEENSBERRY to photobooks. The image below (click on it to enlarge it) is a sample of a QUEENSBERRY Album. QUEENSBURY WEDDING ALBUMs are the best in the world – I tailor your photographs into a story told the way you want to remember it. In a Queensbury album your images are actual photographs printed on the very best quality photographic paper and inserted by hand into your album. The album sits completely flat when opened so that images that bleed across the central spine are displayed beautifully

For more information on the best in the world album – click HERE

The images below are of a high quality paper printed Photobooks – the first is a sample that showcases images from early 2011 – this book can be found  in Pronuptia of Leicester, The Bride and Groom Boutique of Melton Mowbray and many more Bridal Boutiques. The second is a sample of Becky & Ben’s wedding I covered last year in Saltfleetby, north England.

Click on the images to go directly to the photobooks.

2 thoughts on “My Wedding Albums

  1. Gina, I assume all these pictures are yours? These are amazing!!! The newly-wed must be really happy with these pictures. I love these details and portraits under that three. Well done!!!

  2. Hi Milan, yes all the images I made myself and yes the Bride and Groom are delighted with them.
    I am very pleased with my photographic standard I have reached in such a short period of time; testiment to my hard work and continual training/asscessment.

    THANK YOU Milan and take care.

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