Bridal Makeup Photoshoot – Nottingham

Happy New Year to all my brides, groom, families, newborns and many more super people that I have had the previlage of photographing in 2011!

I linked up with a stunning makeup artist yesterday, Chrissy from Christina Hardiman Professional Bridal, Wedding & Fashion Make up – click HERE for her website. We have begun to collaborate to show off what we can do and to ensure we keep ontop of our game for our brides and clients!

Chrissy did her magic with her makeup, applying stunning applications using only the best such as M.A.C., Bobbi Brown and Chanel. We then ventured into Nottingham. Unfortunately, due to biting cold winds we managed to shoot for only 30 minutes – well done and many thanks to Georgie and Catherine who did so very well under my instruction.

Kit used – Canon 5D mkii (Pro Wedding Camera) with 50mm f1.4 prime lens (my favourate and Pro Portrait/Wedding lens). The light was poor and heading towards 3.10pm but I virtually opened up the lens to ensure as much light was let into the camera to give a very naturally lit effect…this works so very well for brides and I tend to use this lens so much when I shoot my ‘bride and groom together’ images. I also used my new Lastolite Tri Reflector to bounce light from the overcast sky into my subject’s face, some images I used the Canon 580ex mkii (top Pro Wedding flash gun) whereby I reduced the ambient light going into the camera through a faster shutter and smaller aperture opening then lighting the subject with the flashgun light to make the images pop.

At post processing I lighten the eyes and soften the skin and lift the saturation maybe to give my brides/subject a stunning look so they look their absolute best!


Here are some ideas with reference material for Chrissy and me to work with for our next installment soon, which we are sincerely trusting we can find a stunning, light filled, venue with a crisp neutral backdrop for us to create some stunning images!

Immersing ourselves in inspirational material…

Location Ideas…

Dress ideas…

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