Winter Wedding – Alison & Matt

Just back from linking up with Joe Geeson (wedding co-ordinator) at the glorious Scalford Hall in Melton Mowbray – a stone’s throw from where Alison will be getting ready on her wedding day with her family this Friday. Today I checked the light and the sun’s position for the images I have planned to create on Alison and Matt’s special day. I have also worked out a gravel pathway route in the grounds for each images so that Alison & Matt will only walk on the grass once when they walk across to the stunning wrought iron gate beyond the giant chess set.

The light was incredible at 11.30am as you will see in my images below – should the sun not shine on Friday I will lift the light with soft flash and a reflector.

2 thoughts on “Winter Wedding – Alison & Matt

  1. Hope you have the same weather on the actual wedding day as you did today Gina – it will most certainly be beneficial to the pictures ! Great venue.

  2. Hi Ives! Hope you had a great Christmas. I believe it will be a bit of a grey drizzly day but I will infuse it with light from my flash and beauty dish. Good to hear from you as always. Thanks for your support and kind words. Gina x

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