Poppies …. plus!

Fri 17 June 2011

It’s Friday! Whilst taking a lunch break at work (Mars Inc) I spied this superb image made by Johnny Patience. For those of you that know me you will appreciate that I adore shooting into the sun (contra jour) and this is exactly what Johnny has done in this image. He has got down low so his eyes are level with the flowers, used a small aperture (f2.8 probably) to knock the background out of focus and the key to attaining so much Bokeh in this image is to shoot in heavy dew or after it has just rained!

My hints and tips – I propose you exposure compensate shooting using AV (Aperture Priority)…so you can select your short focus range but also reduce/increase the light going into the camera (the camera is going to read the light for the whole thing and underexpose with the sky and sun giving off so much light.

Great image, truly natural (not too much post processing I would pressume) feel to the image with amazing hues and echoes of yellow/greens and purples – very clever!

The following image is from the same genre/theme but by a fan of Johnny Patience (Rebecca Lily) to which finding their work today I am now a fan of them both!

eek – the image won’t load!


Tue 14 June 2011

Good evening to you all and what a delightful evening weather wise! As I walked into work from the carpark this morning at 7am the birds were singing so sweetly almost as though they were declaring the arrival of summer at last, well it is June!

I have never photographed poppies before, but when a colleague told me of a local field nearby to my place of work with a reasonable sprinkling of them, I just had to go take a look last night! When I got to the field and entered it, I felt I really didn’t have much of a clue how to approach my images as I had not given it any forthought and to be fair my visit was really, only a reccy. The wind was blowing and the poppies were dancing infatically, which proved most challenging to get a shot. However, armed with a bit of patience, despite having to be quick as I was due back home very soon, and my first ever Lensbaby, purchased last weekend, I got down low and had ago. I had in my Lensbaby the aperture ring of f2.8 giving me a relatively small depth of focus, thus rendering the background out of focus. I exposure compensated by knocking the light down a little due to shooting into the sun to get rim light and the poppies light as though a candle were burning inside them.

I am relatively pleased with my first, quick, snaps!Please feel free to help/comment – probably a little postcardy but hey, I enjoyed myself!

Got to dash for now…taking our son to cricket, I’ll walk through the park with my camera, then I’ll be taking him onto footy, then back home for a well deserved, slow cooked curry that I prepped last night!

Enjoy yourselves in the sun everyone!

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