Caught without my camera!

Last night I decided to watch my son and his team play cricket, their first league game, of the season against the team I used to coach. Of late, with my husband’s injury to his heal that will take at least 3 months to repair I have tended to drop my son off then tap into the match towards the final hour.

I was so pleased to have stayed, not only did it help me to forget the large number of entries on my To Do List but our son attained 5 wickets in 4 overs and giving the oposing team only 5 runs! His previous performance this season in the first 2 games, last night being his 3rd game, he was on for a hat trick a piece. I believe as recognition he will receive an honory mention in the local paper – oh yes and as is customary, he got to keep the ball.

All this and for the very first time I was seen at the club without my camera because my plan was to drop him off!

So the cricket season is in full swing, lots of matches/training throughout each week, piano and guitar lessons for Michael, full time job at the largest confectionary company in the world for me, house chores, so, I guess it goes without saying no time on the tennis courts for me presently.

The good news is my husband is not in any pain but with his leg in a cast he is rendered somewhat useless – I say this with the greatest respect. It must be most frustrating for him at the best time of year for us too.

Well done to our son and good luck to his father, my husband.

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