Nearly 3 years later!


I remember how I was in awe of producing that first magical photograph, the thrill of holding the camera and the discovery path I was on. It began in July 2008 with a magnificent, though previously owned, Canon 350D DSLR. As soon as I arrived home I sped outside to take a bumble bee in my back garden – I was elated with the promise of the shot, I had a relatively focused subject with blurred background, my heart was elevated with the thought of things to come. From that first magical moment I was hooked.

Over the course of the last 3 years I have been busy learning as much of the craft as I can, building a small, quality business, and balancing a career with the responsibilities of raising a family. All of which is exciting, challenging and rewarding. It is a love affair that burns so very bright inside of me, brighter than I ever imagined!

I came across this profound statement when Googling one day “A photographer produces a product for a price and that price is determined precisely by the merits of that product in the terms of the client and not your creative ego or your concern with creativity or self-expression or mechanical, optical, and electronic hardware.”

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