Joel Skingle

Today I would like to share with you Joel Skingle’s work via his blog….his subtle tones and hues in his pre-wedding shoot of Rachel & Alan is so very delightful – I would love to know how he does it – click HERE!


One thought on “Joel Skingle

  1. Thanks Gina glad your enjoying the blog the “effect” though Id say it was more of a yellow than a pink!? is a mixture of over exposing the scene by about one stop. and then processing it in Aperture using a preset I have custom built. It uses a subtle combination of curves, Monochrome and sepia tones, along with a drop in vibrancy. You could probably achieve the same thing in Lightroom or Photoshop with a bit of playing about. It took quite a while to get it right at first but I’m really pleased with the result .

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