Sunday, 7 March, 2011

Today I had the pleasure of photographing a great couple whose wedding I’m shooting next month. These two were great fun and we didn’t stop laughing and talking.

They chose our local town’s Egerton Park Cricket Club as their backdrop to their pre wedding shoot – Paul plays cricket for this club and so the park is a special place for them.

The weather looked like it wasn’t going to play nice when I woke up today but luckily it cleared for us in the afternoon, literally within the hour of the shoot.

They brought their dog Fred, a most handsome Golden Retriever, such a gentle character so I photographed the three of them starting with a long lens whilst they walked through the cricket club park. I then proposed we walk into Melton’s Town Estate Park because of its avenue of trees and a set of disused lock gates. It was literally a 10 minute walk that gave us the chance to talk about their wedding day and get to know them a little more.



  1. Thanks Gina for a fantastic afternoon. You made us feel very relaxed, we both think the images are wonderful. We can’t wait for the special day and more giggles.

    Nicola and Paul

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