Average to very acceptable!

A word to the wise – think before you delete!

After returning from our break in Barcelona in October (2010) and uploading my images to Lightroom I proceeded to run through my workflow – my first job is to score my favourates a 5 afterwhich everthing else gets dumped. The file below was seconds away from the dump bin when I decided to see how it might look in b&w with then some improvements. As soon as I did a straight conversion to b&w I could see that it might have some potential, so I proceeded to my next step, which is to work on the eyes ( I always follow this sequence).

I zoomed into the eyes and brightened them. I then proceeded to brighten the catchlights in the subject’s eyes, increased the brightness in the pupils, then increased the saturation and sharpness. I then brightened certain areas of the subject’s hair, then darkened the shadows on the subject’s brow created by their fringe to give depth to the  face.

Finally, I softened the clarity on areas of the grafitti and darkened the perimeter to draw the viewers eye to the subject.

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