About me

I am passionate about what I do. I love life, my family and people. I am a perfectionist and work hard to achieve the best I can in life.

Me and my camera  – when I go out with my camera I look for dramatic light – it’s become a hallmark of my growing portfolio: scenes bathed in warm, atmospheric light that illuminates and breathes life into my images.  I tend to position my subjects against the sun to create a backlighting effect, which is a common feature of my images – it gives a more dimensional view. Contre-jour is its photographic term meaning “into the light”.

Light is what draws me and motivates me to make an image – it’s quite poetic. Secondly, I look for a background for my subject, then I look at composition. Light is magical and is at its best very early in the morning or late at night just before and after the sun has disappeared below the horizon. It never fails to take my breath away, it grabs and satisfies my soul.

I frequently observe the world I live in – its people, nature, light etc. and not just through seeing but feeling a breeze on my face, inhaling a scent and listening to the sounds around me whilst being conscious of my own feelings as this takes place. The more I observe the more I naturally accept things as they are. I sometimes see the same scenes day in and day out, an inevitability with the routines of life. On occassions my mind may tire of them, but by observing from my heart I find new beauty and inspiration.

Photography gives me such awareness of the world we live in. On a rainy day it may look grey and dull to most but I see mauves in place of greys and an abundance of hues and dramatic shades. I find myself dedicating more time to casting my eye over what is all around me time and time again – the more I look the more I see. I take photos most days  – I can’t help myself; I’m an artist and photographer, it’s who I am. 

It is a remarkable and precious thing to be outside watching the ending of a storm and the beginning of wonderous light given off by the sun. When these two aspects collide, in what is usually only momentary, I am always so glad that I committed myself to wait for it to unfold. Whether I have my camera on me or not, it never fails to captivate me.

Me and my tennis – I am an avid tennis player but more recently due to being more involved in photography, family life and being employed full time by Mars Inc, I now only play 4 hours a week.

I wish I had more time to play guitar too – click HERE

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