Barcelonian mini break!

I love this image for its randomness, shape and tones. When making an image I usually have in my minds-eye what I want the image to say and therefore how it should look but on ocassions, like this one, a little bit of magic or luck takes place; the gentleman in the white clothing, after taking a shot of the Cathedral himself turned to walk away and so it was at that moment I paused until he had turned completely then took my shot providing this image with an additional point of interest for the viewer. This image will never ever be made again but there might well be thousands, millions even, of images of just the Cathedral. In post processing I rendered the image in a soft pink tone to help emphasise the light and dark tones plus form of the image.

Now a bit about the Cathedral – in 1877 the architect Francisco de Paula del Villar designed a neo gothic church and led the construction which started in 1882. Antoni Gaudí’s Design one year later, the modernist architect Antoni Gaudí took over as lead architect at the age of 31


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