Close up!

To get this shot I stood my son close to a window with the light coming from his right. It was a relatively light but overcast day. I set my camera to full manual – I pretty much always work this way. I set my camera on live view on a tripid but used it a bit like a mono pod so that when i had manually focused on my son’s eye i could then move in or out as required for last final focus.


Before firing the shutter, I checked this histogram was good then spotted that the shutter spead was at 2 seconds despite having the Sigma 105mm + macro wide open @ f/2.8 so it was at that point I knocked the ISO from 100 to 800 – ah as i type this I realise I should have placed my camera on aperture bracketting – oh well, lesson for next time. The ISO of 800 gave me a shutter speed of

It wasn’t easy getting into position with the tripod legs fully splayed so this is another reason for using it like a mono tripod.

With all my projects I revisit again and again. So I will revisit this project and learn from it and hopefully improve it.

I will upload the original so you may see how I have cropped and changed the angle. I also used a standard mono conversion ‘Mono high contrast’ in LR2 (Lightroom 2).

Here is another version.


Have a go!

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